Project Description

The user interface for WordPress does require non-technical users a small learning curve to understand. Every bit of time spent to get beyond that usability learning curve and decrease dependence on simplistic plug-and-play systems is a step toward business blog quality. WordPress templates increase intuitive interactions and improve editor understanding of powerful tools available within the platform. Editors have the ability to adapt content to make the chosen framework perform best for each type of content and allow readers to clearly understand the editorial perspective of every post. Editors can also access the admin view from laptops or even phones to make post updates or page changes on-the-fly while traveling or working remotely.

The image above shows how the editor works with the admin menu to easily build or edit a page from a laptop. There is access to every aspect of site performance from analytics to SEO tools from this single dashboard. User comments or forum discussions can be controlled with a click or two within simple moderator settings. Admin users can define roles from editor to contributor and approve posts and receive notifications for all aspects of the business site. Security can be strong, with two-factor authentication required for login and automated tools can lock out hackers with settings which block illicit attempts to log in. The tools are powerful and effective business resources from a trusted platform available for your team. We work exclusively with WordPress and highly recommend it to every client.