Project Description

Standard business blog pages include staff bios, either as short paragraphs listing everyone in the group on a single page or longer individual bio pages. These can be set up to display the activity of each team member, such as recent articles by blog contributors. Each bio may show projects that team member has completed or recent social media posts from each member or sometimes all Twitter posts from the entire team. Bio pages can be a great opportunity to show the personality of your organization by sharing personal stories along with professional accomplishments.

Corporate teams can display projects recently completed and discuss unique challenges faced and overcome during their work. There will routinely be a “clients” or “partners” page displaying logos of well-known companies projects the business has been engaged on. It is best to recap the work by discussing some aspect of projects, rather than simply showing a page full of logos. The goal should be to offer special insights brought to the table that makes your business appear to be uniquely qualified to solve challenges. These pages often sell your services for you or at the very least, start prospects into the top of the sales funnel.