Project Description

During the development of a new mobile friendly version of a cooking web site, a new product line of kitchen canisters was launched. Providing attractive, yet simple ecommerce product photos for the entire line of ceramic containers for the kitchen was an important element of the site. The cookware company designed, developed concepts and manufactured these kitchen ceramics and they were to be an extra special branded product to represent the quality of the company relaunch after many years of the previous version of the site. With sharp photography by our strong team, the online store saw a successful redesign and relaunch with our product photographic skills.

The cookware retailer saw significant gains in all performance metrics of the shopping user experience. The photography served to effectively represent the new ceramics product line and sales were the top among their branded products. During this project dozens of top cookware items from other manufacturers were treated with the same care and shot in the same style to provide consistency of look and feel. This cookware startup attracted the attention of a Fortune 50 company and was acquired within a year of this project completion.