Project Description

Business often prides itself on planning and strategy for business growth. However, with the speed of change and ability to iterate incrementally – most companies realize that it isn’t necessary to have the perfect solution out of the gate. The concept of minimum viable product means that there could be a long list of future enhancements that are desired but not required for launch. Evolution of the plan is built on scheduled future updates – not some idealized perfection required before ever launching a new site. Growth of a business allows for learning, iteration and change, rather than rigid specifications which can not vary with only major step improvements. This approach means that if anything is missing or isn’t perfect to start, it is acceptable as a stepping stone toward future perfection.

Many companies now realize that nothing exists if you nothing has shipped – that is – no amount of planning makes a site (or software, or apps) real. It’s only real if it has launched and can be experienced by the target audience. Let site visitors suggest enhancements and if those suggestions are aligned with your company vision, then make adjustments and alterations. This can be achieved with minor disruption in most cases once a framework is already in place in a functioning site built on an existing platform. Don’t let “Analysis Paralysis” overtake your business goals. Instead take action, launch with minimum viable product and then iterate to perfection.