Project Description

Cloud Backups of WordPress data have become possible with a few well-rated plug-in tools and a cloud account such as DropBox or Box. Microsoft and Apple offer cloud backup from files stored on your personal computer and other backup options are available to keep offsite copies of your data. This makes reverting to previous versions of your blog very straightforward and inexpensive to do should your site ever experience a loss of data due to any unforseen software issues or malicious hacking. Security tools are also common – these are essential to keep your blog running and safe from attack.

Automated Software Updates are routine for the WordPress core and most plug-in authors update their software to keep current with the latest standards. One very strong reason for using open-source tools is the incentive developers of the software have to remain popular and well-rated. This causes them to very quickly adapt to any hacking vulnerabilities or compatibility issues once they become known. Keeping these tools updated regularly is something made simple by built-in notification and one-click upgrades. There can be several updates per week on some plug-in tools and one or two per month for WordPress core.