Project Briefs

It is not insignificant to scope out a project to adapt a WordPress Template to an existing design aesthetic. The design of the template may well reflect where you want your business to evolve, but requires adaptation and adjustment to reflect your current look and feel. We’ll work with your team to make it happen even when the two visions differ. We’ll offer guidance and your preference will determine final details.


Your logo and color scheme can be adapted to fit an existing beautiful business template in the majority of cases, but where changes are required, we work with professional design team members to adapt it to perfection. Sometimes there are features that require adjustment to fonts, color schemes and overall look and feel. We work to make certain every detail conforms to  your brand image and style.


There is always a creative solution to resolve user experience issues due to the powerful tools provided by  WordPress and working directly with business template designers. When a blog framework suits your brand image, we’ll find a way to light up your ideas and make the blog truly reflect your customers needs. A business blog is a key driver of the user engagement gem for your company.

Conceptual Design Samples

Skills We Use To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design

We’ll help you choose a template that works as a starting point for your business blog that represents your company.

Plan & Strategize

We’ll determine how your vision best fits into a blogging plan for your editor & writers to produce brand focused content.

Design Templates

Once you’ve chosen a direction with a template that’s right for you, we’ll adapt and tailor that design to represent your vision.

Brand Strategy

Engaging your best customers with great content that nurtures brand advocates and encourages business conversation.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Nowblogs brought the business blog concept to our team and laid out a blogging schedule – so we engaged them to do regular posts using our distinctive brand voice.

Tom Talloy

There’s nothing like an end-to-end partner to design, host, launch, write and represent our business with corporate clarity and experience. We love that the maintenance and upgrades are regularly done without our involvement or worry.

Jan Placer