The one person company is no longer as strange as it once was. Microbusiness is dominating in the new economy. With business tool availability and low cost of operations, virtual offices are becoming routine to many small business people. Outsourcing is making it possible to work independently and without the excessive overhead of a noisy office full of clashing personalities at their desks, with ringing phones and multiple computers. Co-working spaces are becoming more available for those times you need short-term office settings and virtual assistants make it reasonable to take on a business address at a mail receiving service as your permanent address. Even large businesses are starting to run their business without an office, as in the case of WordPress parent company Automattic.

Automattic is a totally distributed company, so everyone works from wherever they are in the world. It could be a coffee shop, it could be their home, it could be a co-working space. We hire people regardless of where they are. We now have folks in just over 40 countries. This has been amazing for the company in that we can attract and retain the best talent without them having to be in New York or San Francisco or one of the traditional tech enters. So far this model has worked extraordinarily well, and we plan to continue. — Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic

So once you’ve accepted that a business can operate in a new way, you might consider your website can also be simple, inexpensive and operate with low overhead. It just takes a domain name, a business hosting account and WordPress free software hosted on your own domain. Keep it under your own control and outside the restrictions of simplistic services that limit you to proprietary software.

Some have complained that there is a steep learning curve for the busy business owner – but the vast extensibility and endless creativity offered by professional business templates, available for under $100 in many cases, makes WordPress the clear choice for flexibility and scalability. You can start with WordPress as a little guy and keep it until you are as big as the many large businesses that run their site on the very same platform. That definitely can’t be said for the more simplistic hosted providers like Wix and SquareSpace. Host your own site and run it with the superior tools available through the WordPress ecosystem.

I’ve worked for a Fortune 50 company that couldn’t put up a new site without a half dozen developers, a couple of designers and layers of decision-makers signing off (or not). However there are dozens of large companies that run on WordPress with little of that bureaucracy. (More on them in another post.) I’ve also got a passion for small business and have put up dozens of web sites for clients, either as new sections on their site or as a complete CMS for their business. You can operate a sophisticated looking business blog or a fully functional business site with WordPress and a small group of plug-ins. I can help you to do that for your company -contact us.