Every business owner or CEO knows that hiring an outside agency to manage your mission critical business activities can be a major risk. By hiring consultants and external talent you are putting business elements in the hands of outside firms and sometimes unknown people. Business blogging is one of the tasks that very often gets put in the hands of internal staffers who don’t have the bandwidth to complete regular business blog posts on a consistent schedule. They may have a large in-box already overflowing with work when the blog post assignment is handed to them. They’ll promise to get it done after they clear out everything piled there. Refilling orders and returning calls distract from writing another blog post until it’s late and they put it off until next week, again. We understand the pressures of business can prevent regular blogging and that is why we offer business blogging services.

Lack of time and ideas are the most frequently cited reasons many small businesses cite for not having a blog. However, with a bit of planning, you can have enough ideas to keep your it running for weeks or even, months ahead. Your posts can be answers to the questions most frequently asked by your customers. For example, if you are a jeweler, you could write a blog post on what to look for when buying a diamond. — Abidemi Sanusi, Guardian Small Business Network

The parts of your business that matter most to you should be the topic of posts, no matter who writes them. Electricians that want more work installing new electrical panels should have a post or even a series on the best types of panels. They should explain what makes that item something they can install for you and how they do it safely. Doctors who specialize in specific areas of medicine should help the novice understand what makes them the medical expert they can trust with their health. Software vendors could discuss how their technical expertise solved problems for clients or how they created the killer app that is dominating sales at the app store. You provide a service that you can help us all to understand and make us want to hire your business to execute on a business priority by explaining it in a business blog post. Sometimes a ghost writer can do that well when you aren’t able.

We’ve established that it’s important to your business to blog frequently about business priorities. We know already that business pressures sometimes prevent even the most well-meaning business from sharing their expertise with potential customers through the company blog. Now comes the unavoidable point – if the business is to make blog posts happen regularly, then it must be assigned to a writer that makes it a priority to post regularly and one who can clearly articulate to potential customers what matters most about your products and services. That the task has value won’t be disputed by most. Getting it done is the part that takes commitment of time, budget and focus. Making the commitment can make the difference between customer engagement and customer indifference. When you need it, we’ll make the commitment to your business to blog about your business mission in the voice that speaks to your customers.

The two biggest determining factors to blog for your business (or not) will often be time constraints and budget. We strongly recommend that if budget is too tight to outsource blog writers, that burning the midnight oil to do business blogging yourself can generate enough new customers and enough new income that your company will be able to afford to bring on a new employee who will have the time to blog. It’s been widely demonstrated that there are strong benefits to blogging, including creating brand advocates. It is well known that blogs are strong search engine performers, bringing additional search referrals by effectively answering questions for potential customers. Blog posts make great social media magnets, encouraging tweets, pins and Facebook posts by visitors. All of the engagement leads to higher traffic and increasing sales. It’s worth doing well.