Business Blogging is at the core of customer acquisition for leading companies online. When potential customers visit the business, they are in the research mode and looking for information about what makes your company the right choice to serve their needs. This is where business blogs can shine – convincing a site visitor to take one step closer to your business. That first step can be following one of your business social media accounts. That first step toward your company occurs very often because the business blog speaks to your business mission in a way that resonates with them. Nobody will do it quite like you.

The only way your organization is going to make an impact is to market in the way only you can. Not by following some expert’s rules or following the herd, but by doing it in the way that works. For you. Don’t worry about someone else’s invented standards for new media, invent your own. Avoid obvious mistakes, don’t follow obvious successes. — Seth Godin

Represent your company with authenticity and consistency so that those who have taken that step closer to your business are attracted toward another step. When a Facebook post or Pinterest pinned image from your business blog reminds them to return – it will be your opportunity to encourage the next step of signing up for your email newsletter or jumping to the contact form to ask a question. Business opportunity grows with every interaction that offers a potential customer solution.

During over 10+ years of business blogging for clients around the U.S. we have seen the business blog consistently show up among the top 10 page visits to the domain. Without fail, the blog brings more traffic from search engines and helps to grow the customer base. The blog is also one of the top second page clicks from visitors arriving from every other traffic source, including email newsletters, social media posts, partner referrals, press releases or mass media. If the visitor doesn’t buy, but stays on the site – their second click is nearly always the blog.

Because your business blog exists, curious information seekers can become buyers or partners. Because they are often reminded to come back when they see a social media post, pin, tweet or email – you have the opportunity through the business blog to extend the conversation and entice them to buy more, upgrade to premium services or extend their contract. This is the start of a journey required to create a brand advocate. The first step was taken out of curiousity, step two was engagement with your business philosophy, step three may have been a purchase, step four an upgrade and step five helped create a brand advocate who encourages others to visit and start that journey themselves.