Bill Carmody goes by the nickname “Marketing Whisperer” on his YouTube channel where he posts one-minute marketing “how-to” videos for entrepreneurs – as well as longer interviews with successful entrepreneurs and business people. Carmody also practices what he preaches and blogs regularly, just as he recommends businesses should in the video above. One thing that seems a bit odd in the question he was asked is the suggestion that blogs have somehow become outdated or represent old thinking. This is absurd because the software used to create blogs (and entire business sites like NowBlogs) is simply a content management system (CMS for short). WordPress CMS software allows you to easily manage content, update profiles, categorize and sell products, post company news, share downloadable whitepapers, infographics or videos, etc. In fact, you can redesign the entire site by applying a new template to th existing content. The idea that blogs are somehow low-value simply doesn’t square with the high-value tools they make available to site owners or business blog editors.

Below is a transcript of the video:

Do blogs still matter? Yes, they absolutely matter! In fact they probably matter more today than they have in the last few years. Here’s why. They’re still helping you with your search engine marketing and optimization. And if faceboook raises its tolls every couple of months and charges you more to reach the exact same audience you already paid to reach, it makes all the sense in the world to move that audience to a platform you own and control. Your blog is where you can talk authentically to your audience without having gatekeepers or charges to reach that audience. If you’re not using a blog and you put all your energy into social media platforms you’re at the mercy of those social media platforms. You’re like, “Hey Bill who cares Twitter still free!” For now, right? You’ve got you those people like Oracle and Salesforce and other folks that are trying to buy Twitter and if that happens do you think they’re not going to start charging fees on Twitter just like Facebook’s doing? If you want to have a direct connection to your customers, keep blogging.